7 Wonders Companion

The official game aid for 7 Wonders : an indispensable tool!

This application will offer you unparalleled ease of play, with multiple options...

7 Wonders Companion - l'aide de jeu sur iPhone et iPad


7 Wonders Companion - Setup screenshotRandom drawing of Wonders
For a quick game setup. You can also choose not to play with some wonders

Efficient scoring calculation
Total your points in an easy way with a system that's designed and optimized specifically for 7 Wonders



Keep track of your statistics
Record your games and look at the evolution of your scores over time

Quick access to the scientific scoring and the building chain
Don't lose any more time, and be more precise in your forecasts during the game


7 Wonders Companion - Cupertino la nouvelle merveille

Expansion support
Also helps when playing with Leaders!

A new exclusive Wonder
Play with Cupertino, created specially for the occasion!





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