An element is missing, damaged, etc. ?

If a part of the game is missing, or damaged send us an email at info at without omitting your name, address, the desired part as well as the reference and the run number (localised above the barcode).


Where to find opinions about our games ? 

On the american boardgamegeek, you should find what you seek.

There might be other interessant sites but boardgamegeek is the major one. However, do not hesitate to give us other addresses and we will post them.


At whom are aimed our games ?

We have divided our games into three categories : Family, Connoisseur, Expert.

Our Expert games (Ghost Stories and soon City of Horror) are designed for experienced people. People who are not afraid by longer games and rules explanations. 

Our Connoisseur games (7 Wonders, Ca$h'n Gun$, Cyrano, Santy Anno) are designed for a larger audience. Rules are less complex, games are shorter and themes more universal.

Our Family games (Time's Up!, Pit, Tadaam!) are explained in 5 minutes and last 30 minutes. They are played during the cocktail hour or after dinner to digest intelligently.

However our games share the same feature : They are fun.


How can you meet us ?

Many people want to see us, to thank us, to touch us, to talk to us, to give us a hug. One solution : come and see us during a fair. We announce on our home page the fairs we assist. If you are shy, you can send us an email at info at 


A technical concern on our site ? 

You can inform us a problem or a mistake on this site by sending an email to this address : webmaster at

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