The rules says 50 Ghost cards instead of 55 (4 Taoists) without Black Secret. It is a mistake?

No. You play with 5 card less with Black Secret.




Is there a demon-phase for dead Taoists ? 





You are the blue Taoist (double action) and have the blood brother from the green (reroll dice) so you can roll the dice for both exorcisms … so 4 times? 

You can make 2 exorcisms and, for each, reroll the dice one time.

I’m blue (double action) and I use my yin-yang to call for help from a village tile. Can I use it two times? Because, the green (reroll power) can reroll the dice even if he uses a tile with his yin yang?

Yin-Yang is not a regular action, so you cannot use it twice with the blue Taoiste ability.

The yellow Taoist (enfeeblement mantra) placed the e.mantra on a ghost. Then we get the last Qi for the blood mantra (2 tokens and the e.mantra). Now can we place the e.mantra on a different ghost?

Yes. If the Enfeeblement  Mantra is already into play, you can move it on another ghost. 

If we place it on a different ghost and the yellow Taoist dies, will the e.mantra return immediately, because the yellow Taoist is dead?

You keep it into play, because you got it from the blood mantra, not from the yellow Taoist.

What happen if I became blood brother with a possessed board?

Nothing because his power is cancelled. 




Can I use any color Ghost to cast a black Curse ?

No. You have to use a black Ghost to cast a black Curse (a black Ghost allow you to cast any color Curse).

Do I need a 4-Resistance Ghost to cast a Level-4 Curse ?

No. Only the color matters to cast Curse (you can cast a Level-4 Curse with a 1-Resistance Ghost, if it has the right color !).


You are Wu-Feng and you place the curse “roll the curse die against one Taoists”. The curse die shows “a village tile becomes haunted” – which village tile must/can I choose?

The tile were the Taoist is standing. If it was already haunted, ignore the result. If he is in the Catacombs the corresponding tile of the village is haunted.

You are Wu-Feng and you can choose the Taoist which will be affected. When do I choose? After or before I roll the die/dice?

Always BEFORE rolling the die.




Can I revive a dead Taoist with the blood mantra [2 Qi + Yin-Yang] ?


I complete the blood mantra [Remove 1 curse of Wu Feng]. Which one? A curse in the pyramid or in the open storage?

A curse in the storage (one that WF not already casted, face-up).

Does the curse come back to the storage for the next pyramid or is it out of the whole game?

It goes back to the storage and can be drawn for the next pyramid.

Must I turn face-down curses of a level I cannot place?

When you turn face-up the curses, they stay face-up until the end of the pyramid.


I get in the demon phase the last Qi to get both buddhas (with the blood mantra). When can I place the buddhas? At the end of my current turn or still at the end of the next turn (same as if I get the buddhas from the village tile)? 

Right now !


I play the green Taoist (never roll the black die), can the Wu-Feng shadow roll to black die on my turn?



If a Taoist loose his last Qi, can use it to trigger the Blood Mantra "Gain 1 Qi" and prevent him to die?

No. He dies.




If something lets Wu-Feng activate a demon but there is not demons in play, can he immediately summon a demon of his choice or activation is wasted?

Activation is wasted (summon and activation are different).




I’m Wu Feng and I have the three urns of Wu Feng. I place Wu Feng's Shadow where the last urn was found and remove all other demons from the catacombs. Can I sacrifice ghost cards to summon the other demons again, thereafter? (e.g. because there are still piles in the catacombs)

No (Wu-Feng need nobody !)


I place Wu Feng Shadow at the cemetery. So the Taoists cannot revive villagers or dead Taoists. Can I make the shadow stand there until the end of the game or must I move it ?

You can stay right here (but that's mean !)


Wu-Feng attack one Taoist, rolling the Tao dice : Can he count the white results or only the black results ?

Black Results only (White are wild only for the Taoists).




Can I use the Hua's Sword of Revenge Claw against Demons / Skeletons ?



Can I use the Mystic Barrier against Demons / Skeletons ?

Skeletons, yes. Demons, no.


At the tile with the portal is terror and there is no villager on it. I complete a blood mantra with the last Qi. Can I save 1 villager from the village or the villager graveyard, now?

No. You have to remove Terror first.


Can I save a villager with the blood mantra, if the incarnation Gate Keeper has the portal?

No. You have to remove the Gate Keeper first.


Can I save the villager with the blood mantra, if the tile with the portal is haunted?

No. You have bring back the tile first.


In the demon phase I get the last Qi for the blood mantra “save a villager”. I save the last villager (mystic barrier as reward). When do we play the mystic barrier? Instantly now; after the current demon phase; after the yin-Phase or at the end of the turn of the taoist?

At the end of the Turn.


Can I use the Armor against the demons ?



How do I use the Shield of Time with Black Secret ?

On your turn, when Wu-Feng draw a card, I must show it to you. Then (if the color matches) you decide to put it under the deck or not. Then, Wu-Feng choose how he use the card.




Can I use the Wu-feng incarnation "Uncatchable" while playing Black Secret ?

Nope. You have to remove this one from the game during the set-up.






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