When a villager is moved, he is put on top of the destination tile pile, recovering the former face up villager on that pile.

The Cemetery tile brings back to life a villager or a taoist ; but not both.

For families whose penalty is to lose a tao token, if the supply is empty, that token is taken from a player.

When a member of the Wu family dies, a Wu-Feng incarnation is directly added to the game. If there is no place left, the Incarnation card is put on top of the Ghost pile.

To win the game, all the Wu-Fengs must be dead.


Mystic Barrier


If the Zhous are saved during mystic barrir, a second barrier is carried on.

It always works for the four boards (alive, dead or neutral).

Wu-feng can’t be targeted by that barrier.

It doesn’t work to save a villager on a terrorized tile. Mantra works but it can’t be moved.


Kung-fu School


The Taoist rolls the dice for every ghost of their color or every black ghost (or the color of a neutral board if a power token is used). For instance, I’m the yellow Taoist, I have a yellow Tao token et there are three yellow ghosts in play: one 1-resistance, one 2-resistance and one 3-resistance. I’m moving on Kung-fu School and I decide to fight the yellow ghosts. I roll the dice and I obtain white and yellow. I can kill the 1-resistance ghost and the 2-resistance ghost by using dice and the Tao token. I can kill the 3-resistance ghost by using dice and the Tao token.


Kung-fu School and Power tokens


With one power token, I can target the color of a neutral board and I have the power of that board.

With one power token and Second Wind, I can target twice the color of a neutral board (or once my color or the black color and the one of the neutral board) and I have that board power during the turn (and during both exorcisms). I have no interest to use the power token only during the second exorcism.

With two power tokens and Second Wind, I can play both tokens from the beginning. That way, I have both powers during my turn (two 2 exorcisms) and I can target both colors one after the other.




Su-Ling isn’t affected by exorcisms. When the ghost in front of her is exorcised, she doesn’t move.

Su-Ling blocks the Terror capacity (Essen 2008 expansion).




Use of an artifact is optional. The owner chooses to use it or not.

The Divine Sword doesn’t work when the Nameless incarnation is in play, it is disabled.

Dance of the Peaks


The red Taoist with the capacity Dance of the Peaks can bring a villager on the central tile and then go back to its starting tile. He can take a villager on its starting tile, leave him after the first movement tile and make his second movement alone.

If I use the power token Dance of the Peaks when I am on the central tile with no villager, I can make a back and forth to bring back a villager and I can collect that power token at the end of that phase because I end my turn on the central tile where that token has been discarded.



When a tile becomes haunted, every villager on it is killed.

A villager on a haunted tile cannot be moved.

When a villager flees on a haunted tile, he dies immediately.

To sum up, a villager can never be on a haunted tile.


Terror (Essen 2008)


A villager cannot move with a Taoist to or from a terrorized tile.

A villager can flee (haunting action) to or from a terrorized tile.

To sum up, a villager can flee on a terrorized tile. He is blocked there, as long as this tile will be terrorized, for the movement but he can flee from this tile.


Moon Crystals


When a Taoist obtains a white face at the herbalist, he must take a Moon Crystal.




A villager cannot be saved if the portal is on a terrorized or out of play tile because this tile is haunted. 




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